I wanted to know

To know what love was

To understand what it meant to be


Loved by the One who made Love


I wanted to know its roots

To understand its depth,

Its width,

Its height and length,

Its very heart beat…

Its inner core.

And so I lay there,

In the dead of night,

In the warmth of my bed

Turning thoughts of Love in my mind

As I pondered…

As I wondered…

What it was this Love of sorts was

I did so, with ‘child-like’ curiousity

With an innocent delight.

And so I found myself asking,

Whispering with a drowsy, sleepy smile

To the Lover of my soul,

To the Keeper of my heart,

What it was—

This Love of His was…

As I lay there,

Sleep blanketing my eyes

I felt my heart skip a beat—

A flutter of sorts.

As the words of Love were whispered

To the depths of my soul…

My heart flooded with emotion,

My eyes brimmed beautifully with tears,

As I heard these blissful words:

“Love my darling– my Love for you, is like this:

“As I have seen your desire for children—

Blessed your future

With bundles of joyous delight—

As you will Love your children when they come…

I my child, Love them before you’ve seen them,

Before you’ve even known them

I Love them not only before you’ve conceived them,

But before you’ve named them…

I also Love them before you’ve met their father,

Before he’s set eyes on you

Yet my daughter

I see them…

I see them and Love them

Before they’ve come to be…”

And with that—

I knew…

I knew that my question of Love,

Had been answered…

For the Lover of my soul revealed

That it was the very same way,

In which He  had always Loved me.




I have loved you just as the Father has loved Me; remain in My love and do not doubt My love for you”. ~John 15:9~


“You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out
before a single day had passed
” ~Psalm 139:16~